Wind Hybrid Evolution for Low-Carbon Solutions

The Project will deploy an offshore 6MW 2-blade downwind turbine installed on a floating platform close to the Canary Islands (Spain). Our contribution:

1. Downwind Turbine Excellence:

Within the WHEEL project, 2-B Energy introduces a cutting-edge downwind turbine with a distinctive design featuring only two blades. This innovative approach ensures optimal wind harnessing, pushing the boundaries of efficiency and sustainability.

2. Tower Supply:

Complementing the two-blade turbine, 2-B Energy provides a robust tower engineered to support and enhance its unique performance.

3. Dynamic Loads Envelope Analysis:

The 2-B Energy team has meticulously conducted an initial loads envelope analysis, addressing the most significant loads in the entire system. This includes a fully coupled analysis of the floating wind turbine. We work collaboratively with float developers to optimize the aerogenerator-floater design, fostering a synergistic approach to innovation.


4. Continuous Simulation Refinement:

To meet and exceed industry standards, 2-B Energy is committed to ongoing improvement. In the upcoming months, we will revisit and enhance the loads envelope analysis to ensure it aligns seamlessly with all required simulations.

The WHEEL project is a revolutionary floating wind technology excellently suited for deep water locations, effective industrialization strategies, breakthrough cost reduction and minimized carbon footprint. This shall enable a radical step forward for LCoE reduction, whilst also addressing scalability, harbor infrastructure suitability and availability, and the sustainability & circularity of floating offshore wind.

The consortium behind the project consists of renowned European companies and research institutions with extensive experience in renewables and marine industry, working collaboratively to showcase the advantages and commercialization potential of this disruptive technology.