The Project will deploy an offshore 6MW 2-blade downwind turbine installed on a floating platform close to the Canary Islands (Spain).The WHEEL project is a revolutionary floating wind technology excellently suited for deep water locations, effective industrialization strategies, breakthrough cost reduction and minimized carbon footprint. This shall enable a radical step forward for LCoE reduction, whilst also addressing scalability, harbor infrastructure suitability and availability, and the sustainability & circularity of floating offshore wind. The consortium behind the project consists of renowned European companies and research institutions with extensive experience in renewables and marine industry, working collaboratively to showcase the advantages and commercialization potential of this disruptive technology.It is being developed by a consortium of eleven partners from four countries, including Esteyco as the Project coordinator, and apart from 2B Energy, also Rover Maritime, Brindon Bekaert, IH Cantabria, Plocan, Boskalis, Repnaval, Vicinaymarine. The Project is backed by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe program with public funding of 16M€, plus private funding from partners and shareholders.