At the forefront of cutting-edge renewable energy solutions, 2-B Energy has spearheaded a series of critical tasks in the Optiflow project in Japan. From feasibility studies to design excellence, we have diligently navigated each phase, showcasing our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

  1. Feasibility Study & Planning: Unlocking Potential: Completed Feasibility Study of RNA and Tower

In this pivotal phase, 2-B Energy successfully completed a comprehensive feasibility study for the RNA and tower components, setting the stage for the project. The insights gained ensure alignment with project objectives and effective solutions to anticipated challenges.

2. Design Excellence: Blueprints Perfected: Accomplished Basic Design of RNA and Tower

Building on the feasibility study, 2-B Energy achieved a significant milestone by finalizing the basic design of the RNA and tower. This crucial phase establishes the foundation, incorporating innovative solutions and engineering excellence for optimal performance.

3. Dynamic Validation: Successfully Executed Integrated System Simulations

Rigorous integrated system simulations and coupled analyses have validated the project’s dynamic performance. This phase showcases the efficacy and resilience of the design, ensuring seamless harmonization and optimal functionality under varying conditions.

4. Fine-Tuning Precision: Ongoing Detailed Design of RNA and Tower

Progressing diligently, the detailed design phase focuses on refining every aspect of the RNA and tower components. This meticulous approach aims to optimize the project for peak performance, marking a crucial step towards successful implementation.

5. Certification Management: Project-Wide Assurance: Overseeing Certification Process

Beyond RNA and tower, 2-B Energy actively manages the certification process for the entire project. Ensuring compliance with industry standards, this holistic approach guarantees reliability and safety across components, including the floating structure and mooring lines.