Mission Statement

2-B Energy will introduce and commercialize at a global level, an offshore wind power plant concept with significant lower Cost of Energy produced.


In 2-B Energy, we aim to have our members of the team inspired and integrated in the overall design process. Here thinking out of the box in combination with realistic view and completion are fundamental drivers among the colleagues. Therefore the 2-B team is a unique group where tradition is challenged and realization is a virtue. By introducing power plant components in design work, process ownership and plant awareness brings strength to both technology and the company.

The higher level design philosophy by 2-B Energy team has been to balance basic design choices with specific high level design principles of improvement. The main goal: to realize aggressive life cycle Cost of Energy reduction and risk through integrated design approach between the power plant components where the wind turbine is a central part. 

The Business strategy – a careful consideration

Our strategy and technology builds on a fine balance between innovation and commercial acceptance. This balance is fundamental for a successful business plan.

Herbert Peels

Main focus on COE reduction and risk mitigation

Offshore cost of today is not sustainable. We introduce new conceptual platforms that will provide for substantially higher COE reduction potential and risks mitigation over time.

Mikael Jakobsson
Company co-founder