Forthwind Array

Forthwind Offshore Demonstration Project

Forthwind Ltd is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) company set up specifically by 2B Energy to develop the Forthwind Demonstration Project.  The primary motivation for the Forthwind Demonstration Project proposal is to validate the core technical concepts of the 2B Energy technology both as a standalone turbine and as part of an array in an offshore environment. 2B Energy have approached the development of their offshore wind technology with an incremental approach to enable the mitigation and reduction of technical and commercial risk wherever possible.

The development of the Forthwind Offshore Project follows the successful design, installation, commissioning and operation of the 2B6 prototype turbine at Eemshaven in the Netherlands. The next step is to demonstrate the turbine in an offshore environment, which will be achieved through the installation of 2 turbines offshore Methil next year (development consent was approved by the Scottish Government in December 2016).

Phases Development 2B Energy

Figure – 2B Energy Phases of Development

The final phase of the technology demonstration plan will be to deploy up to 7 additional turbines in the Methil development area to provide a platform to fully demonstrate the 2B Energy “Powerblock”. The Development location, shown below, will comprise of up to 9 turbines, with a nominal capacity of between 6MW to 12MW. Further detailed information on the proposal can be found here:

ForthWind Project Map

Figure – ForthWind Project Map

The project has significant potential to provide a sustained contribution to the Scottish economy. An independent analysis of the project undertaken by BVG Associates has concluded that the Forthwind project has the ability to deliver:

  • Peak direct employment opportunities for over 550 people by 2021
  • Supporting another 1,200 jobs indirectly (induced) in 2021
  • Supporting a minimum of 300 FTE jobs annually in Scotland for a 20 year operational period

 ForthWind Project FTE
Figure – Scottish Employment Impact

ForthWind Project Cost Breakdown
Figure – Breakdown of Project Cost

Public Exhibitions

Exhibitions explaining the Forthwind Offshore Demonstration Project are being held on

Thursday 12th October from 2pm to 7pm

at the Village Hall, Hall Crescent, Gullane, East Lothian EH31 2HA

and on

Friday 13th October from 2pm to 7pm

at Fife Renewables Innovation Centre, Ajax Way, Methil Docks Business Park, Methil, Fife KY8 3RS



All are welcome to find out more about the proposed project and take the opportunity to provide us with your feedback.

If you wish to provide comments on the proposal, these should be made in writing no later than Friday 03 November 2017 to:

Comments made to Forthwind Ltd are not representations to the Scottish Ministers, however they will be included in a pre-application consultation report. When Forthwind Ltd makes the application for a marine licence, an opportunity will be given for representations to be made to the Scottish Ministers on the application