Forthwind Project

ForthWind Offshore Windfarm – Methil
Forthwind Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of 2-B Energy) has been granted rights by The Crown Estate in the UK to develop an offshore wind Demonstration Project, consisting of two 2-B Energy turbines in the Firth of Forth at Methil, Scotland.
The project, known as the Forthwind Demonstration Project, is located approximately 1.5 km seaward of the mean high water springs (MHWS) and a Marine Licence and Section 36 development consent for a 2 turbine project was granted by Marine Scotland in December 2016. Information about the project application, consent documents and supporting information can be found on the Marine Scotland website at:


Proposed Decommissioning Plan
Under the Marine Licence and Section 36 consent, ForthWind is required to consult with stakeholders on our proposals to decommission the ForthWind project once operational consent for the project has expired (i.e. 20 years after the turbines have been commissioned). The consultation period is 30 days long and will commence on 06 November 2017 and end on 06 December 2017. Please send any comments to Marc Murray (e-mail adress: marc . murray (@) 2benergy . com (without spaces)) . The draft DP will be updated to take account of any comments and/or information gained from consultees.

The proposed Decommissioning Plan can be accessed from here.